Israel Secured Second-Largest Number of Cybersecurity Deals from 2013-17

israel Cybersecurity

Israel secured the second-largest number of cybersecurity deals worldwide from 2013-17, according to a new report. The report, compiled by New York data firm CB Insights, shows that with 7% cybersecurity global deal share, Israel was only behind the United States, which accounted for 69% of the pie. United Kingdom was ranked third in the index with 6% global deal share...

New Zealand to Refresh Three-Year-old Cybersecurity Strategy


The New Zealand government has decided to refresh its three-year-old Cyber Security Strategy and Action Plan in the backdrop of growing cyber attacks in the country. The proposed plan has been penned by Clare Curran, country’s minister for Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media Minister. The cyber attacks in New Zealand have significently increased over the last few years, and more than...

Thales to Set up Cyber Security Hub in UAE


Thales, a global leader in information systems, cybersecurity and data security, has announced to set up a cybersecurity hub in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which will help the public and private sector organizations in the Middle East protect themselves from growing cyber threats. According to, Dubai Cyber Hub will be aimed at providing more robust cyber security protocols...

Africa Lost $3.5 Billion to Cybercrime in 2017


Africa lost $3.5 billion (Sh350 billion) to cyber-crimes last year, according to 2017 Africa Cyber Security Report by Serianu Limited. Nigeria lead in the loses in the continent with $650.5 million (Sh65.5 billion), followed by Kenya with $210.2 million (Sh21.2 billion). Fake news, insider threat, ransomware, pyramid schemes and cyberbullying were the top cybersecurity threats last year, said the report, which...

Omni MedSci Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Apple


Omni MedSci today filed a lawsuit against Apple Inc in a U.S court for infringing on its patented technology with Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor, according to reports. In the five -count lawsuit, filed in the Eastern District of Texas, the Michigan-based startup has accused the iPhone maker of willfully infringing on its patents and sought an injunction against the...

Cybersecurity Research Centre Launched in Perth

Cybersecurity Research Centre

The Australian government on Thursday opened a Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) in Perth, aimed at building cybersecurity skills, increasing research capability in the industry. The government had pledged $50 million for CRC in September last year, and a further AU$90 million were raised by Western Australia state government and nearly two dozen industry, research and university partners. Based in...

Spain Breaks Up Russian-Ukrainian Cybercrime Gang


Spanish Police and European Union law enforcement agency Europol on Wednesday arrested a cybercrime gang comprising Russians and Ukrainians that allegedly stole over one billion euros from financial institutions across the world during the last five years. The alleged mastermind of the gang, a Ukranian identified as Denis K, was nabbed from Alicante, a coastal city located 350 kilometres capital...

How Hackers Can Hack Your Phone to Steal Pictures


We store a lot of data on our mobile phones including our family and ‘private’ pictures and leave no stone unturned to prevent them from evil eyes. But no matter how cautious you are, someone can snag your photos with a little effort and access to your public information. Here’s how one can hack your phone and steal the pictures. Cloud Storage: Cloud...

Top Three Cyber Security Threats of 2016 and How To Counter Them


The increasing threat of cybercrime is a major concern not only for bigger companies but the entire global community. The criminals use various methods to infect our systems, either to steal money or sensitive information. Let’s have a look at the top three cyber security threats on the rise at present, how they work and how you can secure yourself from...

Six Tips That Will Help Your Employees Counter Cyber Security Threats


The corporate hacking attacks continue to haunt the businesses across the globe. In the recent years, the data breaches at the companies like Target, eBay, and Sony have led to the theft of personal identity, credit card and security information of hundreds of millions of compromised accounts. However, that is the tip of the creepy iceberg as hacking attacks at...